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Installation Problems

If you encounter problems downloading or installing Zap Photoshare, please search for a similar problem on the WebOS Nation forums.

Contacting Us

If you're experiencing a problem using Zap Photoshare:

  1. From the Launcher, launch Zap Photoshare.
  2. From the application menu, select Help
  3. Scroll to the bottom and tap Send E-Mail

This will create a new e-mail, addressed to us, where you can describe the problem. Configuration info will be included, helping us solve your problem.

Version History

The Software Manager app on your device should automatically notify you when there's an update. To check manually, run the Software Manager application.

Follow us on Twitter for announcements (low volume).

Bonjour support for Apple Macintosh computers
Downloading works in iOS and full screen mode works in Opera, in the thumbnail gallery.
Download pictures from carousel in thumbnail gallery.
Zoom into pictures using double-tap or mousewheel, in the carousel of the thumbnail gallery.
A thumbnail gallery (much easier to use) is served to your friends with modern web browsers.
Fixes bug where number of shared pics goes to 0.
Startup & changing albums is 10-35% faster.
Returning clients will see the gallery faster.
App menu command allows you to Copy URL Message to clipboard.
Your friends can download your full-size pictures.
Your friends can use “Copy to Photos” on webOS devices.
Filenames with accented characters are properly encoded.
fix for album picker bug
sharing more robust
initial release

User Forum

The forum for users to discuss how to get the most out of Zap Photoshare is at in the webOS Nation (PreCentral) forums.