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Tech for Personal Growth


  1. There's a new network option for A-Frame
  2. Civil Cold War
    Political polarization will continue for a long time
  3. A better way to find VR & AR content on the Web is needed.
  4. Apple's much-touted concern with user experience was not in evidence
  5. A guest post on the Mozilla Hacks blog, in Apps and Mobile
  6. A guest post on the HP webOS Developer Blog
  7. Experiments revealed issues with latency and usefulness
  8. It's easier to sell a going concern
  9. Just Type
    UI needs to be discoverable
  10. There are many technical and user experience challenges
  11. Transitions
    Palm OS → webOS 1.x → webOS 2.x → ?
  12. To-do items need to be actionable, with adequate detail
  13. Synergy for Tasks
    webOS Tasks should be reworked using the Palm Synergy paradigm
  14. Limitations of digital maps
  15. My productivity path into PDAs