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  1. There's a new network option for A-Frame
  2. Civil Cold War
    Political polarization will continue for a long time
  3. A better way to find VR & AR content on the Web is needed.
  4. Apple's much-touted concern with user experience was not in evidence
  5. A guest post on the Mozilla Hacks blog, in Apps and Mobile
  6. A guest post on the HP webOS Developer Blog
  7. Experiments revealed issues with latency and usefulness
  8. It's easier to sell a going concern
  9. Just Type
    UI needs to be discoverable
  10. There are many technical and user experience challenges
  11. Transitions
    Palm OS → webOS 1.x → webOS 2.x → ?
  12. To-do items need to be actionable, with adequate detail

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